Monthly Archives: May 2013

Triumph over Kodak AiO Printer Software for Mac

I have a Kodak ESP 7 printer, which has been a pretty reliable machine. The same cannot be said for the Kodak AiO Printer software suite, without which you cannot download the printer drivers. For whatever reason, Apple does not provide the drivers, so you’re stuck with this software that has conflicted with OS X’s sleep procedures and is some sort of bizarre memory hog. Today, after spending most of the day working on it, I finally figured out what files I needed from the AiO Printer Software package to use the printer from my Mac without the memory-sucking bloatware. I installed the following files into my /Library/Printers folders:
and the following file into /Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources folder:
Also, I grabbed an existing set-up file, in this case “,” from another laptop that had the full AiO software suite installed and copied into /Users/USERNAME/Library/Printers. When I tried to use the ESP 7 after doing all this, OS X told me that the files may have been corrupted, then repaired the permissions on the files. After that, it has been working like a charm … at least until it ran out of ink again.
I would advise anyone dealing with this to install the entire AiO software suite, then set aside the files mentioned above, and finally to uninstall the AiO software. Then, after resetting your Mac, replace the files you set-aside to the necessary folders and reset a final time. Hopefully, you will be able to use your Kodak ESP printer without the AiO headaches!

“Won” my first “case” today

I have to apologize for my liberal use of quote marks—but I felt they were necessary to qualify those terms. First, by winning I mean that I received a settlement check in response to a demand letter I sent on behalf of a client, so there was no neutral arbitrator to declare me a winner. Second, the issue never got to litigation, so there wasn’t really a case.

But it sure does feel good. Plus, I was pretty proud of how that demand letter came out. The only difficult part of the whole thing was making sure that the settlement check got to my client within a reasonable amount of time.