Protect against tkdot[dot]com!?

Like many new website owners, I took a look at my website analytics to find that tkdot[dot]com (I am replacing the “.” with “[dot]” to avoid accidentally sending them traffic) was linking to my site with various sex-related keywords. I don’t know why, but this is evidently a fairly common problem.

Like the example above, many of the website owners are wondering if anything can be done. I think the answer is yes, at least with my hosting service, GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks gives me a function called “IP Deny Manager” in my “cPanel”. Certainly, other hosting services have similar functions in their user interface. Anyway, mine looks like this:
Set up to (hopefully) block tkdot[dot]com
To get to the point illustrated above, I just entered the URL of the offending website, and the Ip Deny Manager spit back out the IP address.
Hopefully this will work. If it doesn’t, I’ll let you know. If anyone sees anything wrong with this approach, or knows something I don’t, please let me know in the comments!

EDIT: After some consideration, I don’t think this will do what I want it to do. I think the IP Deny Manager will simply keep anyone from that IP, in this case, from being able to access my website. So, if the guy at the server farm where tkdot[dot]com is located hops on and tires to direct his browser to my website, he’ll get an error message. Consequently, I don’t think it will keep anyone from seeing a link to my site at tkdot[dot]com and following it to my website, which is what I want. It may, however, keep the tkdot[dot]com spiders from cataloging my website, which may keep it from popping up in searches. As of today, May 1, I have not seen any traffic from tkdot[dot]com. This may simply be a coincidence or may be attributable to the fact that May is only thirteen hours old at this point. I’ll keep you posted.

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